2nd Annual Lions Talk Science Blog Award: Accepting Submissions Now!

cup-160117_640Why is tanning dangerous? How does color perception differ between men and women? How do our brains filter out unimportant information, like the sound of the air conditioner whirring?

These are just a few of our students’ most recent posts that inspired this year’s award theme. In celebration of the blog’s 2nd birthday (today!), we’re thrilled to announce the 2nd Annual Lions Talk Science Blog Award.

This year’s theme is: how science impacts our daily lives.

The details:

  • Your blog post must adhere to the theme. Your topic does not need to be related to your own research.
  • Keyboard_typingThe target audience for your blog should be the local Hershey community; assume a high school education or less, and keep the piece a reasonable length (400-600 words).
  • Submissions are due on Monday, May 18. Please e-mail your entries in Word format to Lions-Talk-Science@psu.edu with the subject line “Blog Award Submission.” If you have not previously submitted to the blog, please also include an image of yourself and a short bio for our Contributors page.

Prizes and certificates will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the amount of $50, $25, or $10 to the Penn State bookstore or Starbucks (your choice).

Our panel of judges includes:

  1. Dr. Michael Verderame, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
  2. Dr. Kirsteen Browning, Associate Professor of Neural and Behavioral Sciences
  3. Kathy Simon, Director of Graduate Student Affairs
  4. Kristin Smith, Director of Admissions, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
  5. Jordan Gaines Lewis, Lions Talk Science Editor-in-Chief

Please contact Lions-Talk-Science@psu.edu with any questions. Note: at this time, the contest is only open to Penn State College of Medicine graduate students. Whether you’ve written for us in the past or just discovered our blog, we welcome all students to consider submitting!

Happy writing!

4 thoughts on “2nd Annual Lions Talk Science Blog Award: Accepting Submissions Now!

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