Meet The LTS Team

Mariam Melkumyan is the LTS Editor-in-Chief and a PhD Candidate working on her dual title PhD in Neuroscience and Clinical & Translational Science. She is working in Dr. Silberman’s lab where she studies the effect of acute and chronic alcohol use and stress on neuroinflammation through microglia and astrocyte activation in the Central Amygdala. 


Stephanie Baringer is a senior editor and a PhD Candidate in the Biomedical Sciences Program. She works in the lab of Dr. James Connor studying the regulation of iron transport at the blood-brain barrier and the potential dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease.


Victoria Silvis is a senior editor and a PhD candidate in the Biomedical Sciences Program. She works in the lab of Dr. Guy Townsend studying mechanisms of mammalian gut colonization within Bacteroides species.

Savanna Ledford is a senior editor and a DrPH Candidate. She works with Dr. Eugene Lengerich on examining the impact of COVID-19 on cancer outcomes.

Greg Kincheloe is a senior editor and PhD Candidate in the Anatomy Program.  He is working in Dr. Kimball’s lab researching skeletal muscle metabolism in response to immobilization.

Julia Simpson is a senior editor for LTS and a PhD Candidate in the Virology and Immunology track of the Biomedical Sciences Program. She works in the Buchkovich lab studying the viral and cellular factors involved in the assembly and cytoplasmic envelopment stages of Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) replication.

Thank you to past editors of the LTS blog!

Rebecca Fleeman, PhD, Editor in Chief (2019-2023)

Stephen Matthews, PhD, Associate Editor (2020-2021)

Sadie Dierschke, PhD, Editor in Chief (2019-2020)

Indira Purushothaman, PhD, Senior Editor (2019-2020)

Daniel Haas, PhD, Editor in Chief (2018-2019)

Jordan Gaines Lewis, PhD, Creator and Editor in Chief (2013-2018)

Thank you to past contributors to the LTS blog!

Afton Widdershins

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Amanda White, PhD

Angela Snyder, PhD

Bailey Keller

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Greg Kincheloe

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