How To Contribute

Lions Talk Science 2023 Check List:

Lions Talk Science Mission: To provide grad students at PSCOM the opportunity to enhance their scientific communication skills and provide the public with effective science information!

Writing an Article for LTS

  1. Sign up to write an article here
  2. Write your article.

Your article MUST HAVE:

  • A word count between 350 – 1,350 words
  • Catchy title
  • At least one figure, complete with caption and photo credit/reference
  • Include a catchy bulleted summary (TL:DR) of your article under 30 words

Before submitting your article:

  • Make sure your introductory paragraph has a “hook” to lure the reader to continue reading.
  • Include references at the end of your article with in-text superscript citations. Feel free to hyperlink anything that isn’t a scientific article that you are referencing (doesn’t need to be included in references if it is already hyperlink)
  • Refrain from using unspecific articles including “this,” “these,” “it” etc. Instead, #SayWhatYouMeanToSay and use more specific nouns to define what you are talking about.
  • Read your article out loud to yourself. Reading out loud often helps you find grammatical errors as well as sentences that may need to be rephrased.
  • Submit your article to on the day you signed up
  • After you submit your article, make sure to:
  • Subscribe to LTS to get notified when your article is posted.
  • Like and follow our social media (see below):
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The timeline above is typical for most articles however, we sometimes go through extra rounds of editing. Our goal is to make fantastic scientific articles with reliable science communication that the author is proud of and the public will enjoy!

Doodling with LTS

  • Sign up to doodle here
  • Be creative and use art to express science
  • Create your masterpiece in any medium, but send it to us in a way we can post (JPEG/PNG/etc).
  • Include a caption
  • Refrain from including political opinions
  • Submit as a JPEG, PDF, or PNG
  • Sign your comic
  • Submit your article to on the day you signed up
  • Subscribe to LTS to get notified when your article is posted.
  • Like and follow our social media!

Remember, if you ever have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to send us an email at! We are always happy to talk with you about your article, before, during, and after writing it!