How can LTS help you?

We are happy to assist with assignments, abstracts, seminars, or any other scientific communication assistance you may need!

Assistance Provided: Please note the expected turnaround time for each document.

TypeComments ProvidedTurnaround Time
Abstracts & PostersGeneral comments and in-text edits2 Business Days
Writing AssignmentsGeneral comments on entire document and in-text edits on one paragraph (max)2 Business Days
Seminars & PresentationMock presentation with comments on structure and flowPlease reach out 1 week before you’d like to schedule a mock to provide ample time
Grants &
Comprehensive Exam
In-text edits on 1 page and comments on up to 6 pages after7 Business Days


This scientific communication assistance is generously provided by older students who have gone through these classes, given poster presentations and seminars, and written grants. We are providing insight to the best of our ability and knowledge, but your grade is your own responsibility. Our comments and edits are to help you learn how to communicate science more effectively, but please accept our comments and edits at your own discretion.