What’s it like to get an MRI?


mri_womanBy: Jordan Gaines Lewis, 3rd year PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Program

During my first year at Penn State College of Medicine, I participated in an MRI research study. I laid in an MRI machine for 45 minutes and looked at pictures of chocolate while smelling chocolate odors. Tough life, right?

(Hershey really is the sweetest place on Earth…even in the labs!)

The MRI machine is rather big, rather loud (I wore headphones), and…rather claustrophobic. But it operates on a rather GENIUS principle!

Brain Attacks: What Happens When the Immune System Targets the Brain


By: Lina Jamis, 1st year student in the Anatomy Graduate Program

brain_on_fireAnybody who knows me knows that I love a good read. So when I picked up a bright yellow book entitled Brain on Fire, in late 2012, it wasn’t a surprise that I devoured it in the course of a single afternoon.

Brain on Fire is the firsthand account of New York Post reporter Susannah Cahalan’s “lost month of madness,” pieced together by an imperfect memory of the events surrounding her hospitalization and descent into madness—the result of what became a rather surprising diagnosis.