What is your thesis about…in 20 words or less?

chemistry-dogMany of us have enjoyed this recent post called “20 PhD Students Dumb Down Their Thesis for Us,” which originated from this reddit post last month. Examples included:

When I get rid of this gene, it messes the brain up. A lot.

My experimental drug does NOT cure addiction.

You can make antimatter move in strange ways if you set your equipment up wrong.

Sure, most of these are spoken in jest and are meant to be sarcastic. But we’re all doing very diverse and interesting work at Penn State College of Medicine! And we want to know:

What is the topic of your thesis, in 20 words or less?

Submit your responses here by this Friday, September 25 and we’ll post everyone’s abbreviated thesis summaries next Monday on the blog!

(Psst…this’ll be great practice for telling your family what you do when you go home for Thanksgiving!)

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