Meet a Scientist: Brian Chiou

This is the sixth post in our “Meet a Scientist” series. Next up is Brian Chiou, who just began his graduate studies at Penn State College of Medicine this semester.

Meet Brian:


Meet Brian!

Let’s get to know you a bit! Where are you from, what did you study in college, and what is your role at Penn State College of Medicine?

Hello! I am from Chicago, IL, but I attended college in the San Francisco Bay Area at the University of California – Berkeley (Go Bears!). I studied Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis on Biochemistry. I am a first-year graduate student whose role involves studying, choosing a lab, and passing those pesky tests!

Why did you decide to become a scientist?

I decided to become a scientist because I truly believe the pursuit of (all) knowledge is a wonderful thing. I can’t imagine another profession where one can wholeheartedly chase after a problem and see the benefits of such a pursuit in the world around them. Knowing that the efforts of today will lead to improvement of lives for patients around the world is a powerful motivator, and one that has shown me the importance of research. On a grand scale, it’s gratifying to know that the research and work being done by myself and others will have a lasting impact on future generations.

Headshot 2What do you research at Penn State, and why is it important?

As a first-year graduate student, I have yet to pick a lab, but I have always been interested in the biochemistry of the brain and the interactions that happen between neurons. These interactions manifest themselves in a number of ways that lead to a variety of effects, such as neurodegenerative diseases. I have worked previously with Alzheimer’s Disease, the leading cause of dementia in the elderly, and have become fascinated with the lack of information surrounding the root causes and, indeed, even the pathway that leads to such a disease.

What are some of your hobbies outside the lab?

I love the outdoors! If I don’t get outside at all in a day, I tend to get very restless.

HobbyMore specifically though, I play soccer and tennis pretty regularly as well as general fitness activities such as running and working out at the gym. I also love playing the guitar and singing.

Tell us three random facts about yourself!

  1. I am against the smartphone culture and thus own a flip phone (and an MP3 player)!
  2. My family is from Taiwan.
  3. I absolutely love thunderstorms and rain.

Stay tuned for a new interview next week! And if you’re a Penn State College of Medicine scientist interested in participating, e-mail for details!

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