DNA and Epigenetics: Understanding the Blueprint of Life

Biomedical Sciences

By: Patrick Brown, 2nd year PhD candidate in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

DNA StrandsDue to hit shows like CSI and The Big Bang Theory as well as an increase in news reporting, there is a growing interest in the various fields of biological science. As a scientist, I encourage everyone to learn more about the processes and molecules that make life possible. Unfortunately, it can be a daunting task for someone unfamiliar with science jargon to get simple questions answered or learn more about a topic of interest to them. So where to begin? Let’s start with the building block of life: DNA.

Getting a Sleep Study: What’s All That Stuff They Put on Me?!


By: Jordan Gaines, 2nd year PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Graduate Program

Have you ever had a sleep study done?

Perhaps you or a loved one has been referred to a sleep clinic for insomnia, apnea, narcolepsy, or restless legs syndrome. Maybe you’ve participated in a sleep research study—and if you’re in central Pennsylvania, you may even be part of our laboratory’s adult or child general population cohorts!

The hallmark of getting a sleep study done is—well, looking something like this:


Looks rather scary, right? Fear not—each component has a very simple purpose.