Bridging the Knowledge Gap


Hi folks,

Typically Lion Talk Science gives our authors free reign to write about whatever they know, or are interested in learning about. But there’s a lot of cool science out there that we haven’t covered yet. We’d like to engage more with our readers, and that means asking for your help.

So if you can, please tells us: what topics in science do you want to know more about?

This can be something cool you heard about in the news that wasn’t explained well, or a question about biology that you’ve always had in your mind but didn’t have time to research very deeply.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll accumulate your suggestions, pick out a few things that people want, and either write a Q&A or make a longer post about it!

You can contribute your ideas by writing them in a comment for this post, or by sending a message to

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Daniel H.